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Edicon Papers Pvt. Ltd.

- Morbi ( Gujarat)

4.0MW Co. Gen. Power Project under execution with  30TPH Thermax AFBC  Boiler with & 4.0 MW Triveni Turbine. 

N.K Protein Pvt. Ltd.

- Kadi ( Gujarat)

30TPH Thermax Boiler with 1.0MW Induction Generator and Bleed, Extraction cum Backpressure Triveni Turbine in Erection stage.


Consultant for day to day operation and troubleshooting, major modifications and upkeeping of Boiler and Utilities.



Gayatri BioTech

- Kakinada (Telegana)

2.0 MW ExtractionCondensing MAN Turbine Project Completed and Running Successfully.

After Project completion services continued for 2.0 MW Co-Gen Power Plant 



Laxmi Organics Pvt.Ltd.

– Mahad (Maharashtra) 

Consultant for day to day operation, maintained Plant efficiency, performance monitoring , trouble shooting and planned visit as and when required for their 7.5 MW

Co- Generation Power Plant.



Shree Rama News Print

– Surat ( Gujarat)

Consultant for Troubleshooting and day to day efficiency, performance and planned monthly visit services continued for their 23MW Co-Gen Power Project.


 Solaris Chem-Tech.

Khavada – Bhuj ( Gujarat) 

14TPH Dynepro Boiler & 1.0MW Kessels Back Pressure Turbine with Induction Generator Co-Gen. Power Project Completed.



Bilt Graphic Paper Products Ltd.

- Chrandrapur (Maharastra )

consultancy troubleshooting service has done for 175 TPH IJT  CFBC Boiler fuel gas backfiring.



Astron Paper Pvt.  Ltd. 

-Halwad (Gujarat)

 Astron Papers Pvt.Ltd. –Halwad ( Gujarat) – 55TPH CFBC Boiler with Extraction Condensing Turbine & ACC with 10.0 MW Power Project In Execution.

BlueCraft Agro – Starch Plant, Yamunanagar ( Haryana)

4.0MW Co-Generation Power Project 30TPH Thermax Boiler and 4.0MW Bleed, Extraction& Condensing Turbine project completed successfully and running on full capacity.

After Project completion services continued for 4.0MW Co-Generation Power Project



Omkar Textiles Ltd.

- Ahmedabad

14TPH Dynepro Boiler & 1.0MW Kessels Back Pressure Turbine with Induction Generator Co-Gen. Power Project Completed.



Dev Salt

- Maliya (Gujarat)

10 TPH FBC Boiler of BALA KRISHNA Boilers with all auxiliaries including Yokogawa DCS operation.



Satyesh Brine Pvt.Ltd.- Hajipur Nakhtarana ( Gujarat )

Consultant for day to Day operation maintained Plant efficiency, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and monthly planned visit as required for their 4.5MW Co-Generation Power Plant.


Sabarmati Papers Pvt.Ltd. - Vijapur

( Gujarat )

Consultancy Services are done for Secondary Air Modification for their Cethar make 45TPH Boiler.


Hemline Textile 

– Vatva (Gujarat)

Consultancy Services are done in Hemline Textile for Condensing NCon make 300KW Backpressure Turbine and 10TPH Boiler System in Running Plant for Troubleshooting and Performance Improvement.


Mangal Textiles Ltd.

–Ahmedabad ( Gujarat)

37 TPH Dynepro Boiler with 2.25MW Back Pressure Triveni Turbine project completed and running successfully.



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