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Trouble-Shooting & Performance Monitoring For Power-Plant

  • One point solution provider for issues/problems/troubles in Turbine operation and maintenance. 

  • Conducting the Efficiency  Test of Boilers. Improvement in Boiler specific Fuel Consumption & efficiency by various methods & modifications.

  • Conducting Efficiency Test of Turbines. Improvement in Turbine specific steam consumption/Heat rate & efficiency 

  • Monitoring of Boiler safeties & housekeeping.

  • Energy Conservation for Boiler, Turbine & associated auxiliaries. Energy Conservation in Steam, & Condensate steam.

  • Reduction in auxiliary power consumption in Boiler by various methods and modifications.

  • Monitoring of Boiler Water & Steam analysis & improving water quality parameters. 

  • Elaborate possibilities for utilization of powerplant waste like fly-ash, water etc. 

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